Set of 2 Björn Gin Glasses

Item Code - ASD10125
  • Soft, rounded bowls
  • Solid stem decorated throughout with white chips, hand rolled into the glass
  • Mouth blown and handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Designed in the UK
Peso 340 g

90 × 90 × 195 mm


70 cl


Clear, White



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Anton Studio Designs’ Björn Gin Glasses is highly sophisticated!

From the top of each piece’s rim to bottom of its foot plate, the Björn collection is the quintessential definition of ‘contemporary’ and ‘Scandi’ design.

Björn’s signature stem is instantly recognisable. A single column of glass, wide, at its base, and tapering as it rises, it is decorated throughout with white chips, hand rolled into the glass; instantly giving each piece a unique finish. Balancing this out is the foot plate, which whilst often overlooked on many-a-glass, Björn draws focus onto it by giving it depth and weight.
Lastly are the bowls themselves – beautifully rounded and clean-lined, their simplicity nestles effortlessly upon a glass that brings presence to the table.

Comprising flutes, wines, gin cocktails and hiball tumblers within the range, each pair comes smartly gift boxed.